Ramakar EOOD – car rental

Ramakar EOOD – car rental (hereinafter referred to as Landlord) hereby leases to the undersigned Tenant Car subject to this Agreement (including a replacement car) under the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement and indicated on the front of the contract which the Lessee fully understands and accepts in full.

The Renter accepts the Car after examining it and finds that the car satisfies it, is in good condition and is suitable for the purposes for which it is hired. The Lessee undertakes to return the Vehicle together with all its documents and the accompanying equipment and accessories to the Lessor in the condition in which he has received the date and place specified in this Agreement. Otherwise, and upon expiration of this Agreement, the Lessee undertakes to pay the Lessor the agreed rental price plus the costs of loss and damage. The Lessor provides the Lessee with a grace period of 60 minutes after the expiry of the 24 hour rental period. After this grace period, an extra day will be charged.

The Lessee undertakes to compensate the Lessor in the event of theft (or partial theft), loss or damage to the Vehicle or to any person (including the occupants of the vehicle) and to pay all losses and damages suffered by the Lessor as follows:

(a) The Lessee is liable for any damage to the Vehicle or third parties in the event of violating the terms of use of the Vehicle or in the event of driving the Vehicle in an unauthorized manner or in breach of the Regulations traffic on the roads of the Republic of Bulgaria, regardless of the accepted insurance cover.

(b) The Lessee is responsible for partial or complete theft of the Vehicle, unless the Lessor relieves the Lessee of the liability for complete theft or loss of the Vehicle. Such liability may be waived if the lessee has taken all precautions to avoid theft or loss of the Vehicle and has used the Vehicle in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The parties expressly accept that the loss or theft of parts, accessories and / or equipment is at the expense of the Lessee;

(c) It is wholly assumed that: in the case of damage caused to: 1, the Chassis of the Vehicle; 2 The Tires and Wheels of the Vehicle; 3, Damages caused during loading, unloading or transportation of the Vehicle by ships, trains or other means of transport without the prior written consent of the Lessor. The above-mentioned covers apply only to the drivers officially listed in this contract.

The Lessee undertakes to pay to the Lessor, upon conclusion of the lease, the following amounts, unless otherwise agreed:

(a) The fixed daily rental price for the entire contract period plus the cost of the additional services;

(b) A deposit at a rate determined by the landlord’s price list provided in cash. Upgraded to double the amount of the deposit also pays a tenant under 23 years of age or with less than three years of service as a driver.

The Renter undertakes to pay to the Lessor, when the vehicle is rented, unless otherwise agreed, the following amounts:

(a) All Fuel Refueling Charges in the event that it is not returned with the amount of fuel noted during the hiring. The Lessee agrees and accepts at the end of the rental period, in the event that he does not return the rented Car to the Landlord with the amount of fuel upon receipt, to pay an additional fee “Fuel Fee” indicated in the price list under this contract. The lessee accepts fuel costs at the start of the contract period.

(b) In the event of a road accident attributable to the Lessee, the Renter undertakes to pay to the Lessor for each day until the full rehabilitation of the vehicle the contract amount per day;

(c) Fines, legal costs and other costs resulting from unauthorized use of the Vehicle are paid in full by the Lessee without any protest.

(d) Any amount for the replacement or repair of tires, wheels, or repairs on the vehicle’s chassis, as well as for repairing damage and compensation in the event of total loss of the Vehicle, unless the relevant insurance has been accepted in the event of damage and the relevant conditions (Article 2);

(e) Additional charges for the delivery or return of a Vehicle, as well as a return fee to a place other than that indicated on the front of this Contract without the prior written consent of the Lessor. The respective fees are indicated in the landlord’s official price list, which the tenant has acquainted with.

(f) An additional “Airport Fee” is charged depending on the airport where the vehicle is rented. When returning the vehicle with missing fuel is retained by the deposit. Reimbursement of fuel or other fuel disputes will not be considered after the return of the Car to the Lessee.

The renter or his driver must have a valid driving license and identity card / passport /. Minimum age 18 years. The Renter is obliged to take good care of the Car, to maintain it in good condition, to monitor its condition, the oil and water levels in the respective tanks, the condition of the tires, etc. with the care of the good master. Any repair of the Vehicle by the Lessee in person or by any other person is prohibited unless approved by the Lessor in advance. The car has no right to leave the territory of Bulgaria without the express consent of the Lessor certified by a power of attorney and paid fees and a deposit according to the tariff. The vehicle may not be transported by ship, train or other means of transport without the prior written consent of the Lessor. The vehicle has no right to use:

(a) for the carriage of passengers (commercial purposes (charges) or rental charges;

(b) for pulling or towing another vehicle, trailer or other object;

(c) for participation in rally events;

(d) for lease by the Lessee to third parties;

(e) for purposes contrary to Bulgarian law or in violation of traffic rules and / or other legal requirements;

(f) when the Lessee or an additional driver of the Vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, drugs, barbiturates or other substances prohibited by law be captured pays the Lessor the full amount of damages without protest;

(g) in violation of customs, travel or other regulations;

(h) by third parties other than the Lessee and the additional drivers for whom the Renter has agreed to pay a daily fee for additional drivers stated in the landlord’s official price list.

(s) for the transport of heavy goods, flammable materials, coloring or badly smelling goods, drugs and others.

(j) to carry out illegal shipments of local residents or aliens or to commit unlawful acts.

(k) when parking the Vehicle, the keys and the registration certificate must be at the Lessee. The windows must be closed, the doors locked and the alarm / GPS / if activated. Upon termination of the contract by the lessee, the amount for the remaining period is not refunded;

If the Renter wishes to extend the rental period of the Vehicle, he must notify the Lessor in writing at least twenty-four (24) hours before the end of the rental period and obtain written consent accordingly. If he fails to do so, or obtain written consent to extend the rental period, he is liable to civil and criminal sanctions for unauthorized possession of the Vehicle. In the event of an extension of the lease period, the Renter undertakes the obligations described in this contract to extend the rental period in respect of the Vehicle or a replacement car.

The Lessee expressly agrees that the Lessor is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Lessee or third parties during the lease period and is not entitled to claim to the Lessor in respect of such. It is agreed that the Renter bears full personal and unlimited liability for damages to the Lessor and to third parties in relation to the rental relationship or the use of the rented car if this is due to violation of the terms of the contract.

In the event of a road or other incident (fire, theft, etc.), the Lessee or an additional driver must immediately do the following:

(a) Do not acknowledge liability or fault and disagree with claims by third parties in any way, directly or indirectly;

(b) Record the names and addresses of eyewitnesses as well as the name and address of the driver and the details of the vehicle with which they have sustained an accident;

(c) Notifying the police to investigate the third party’s liability and to provide care for the victims, as well as to request a report on the crash;

(d) Contact the Landlord immediately by telephone or other means of communication;

(e) Receive and complete a duplicate crash report with all necessary information from third parties;

(f) Photograph the location of the accident and the vehicles involved in the accident, if possible. The lessee must complete and sign a road accident / theft record within twenty-four (24) hours at the nearest branch of the Lessor and send all necessary documents or information to the Lessor. In the event of theft or loss of the Car, the Lessee must report the incident immediately in writing to the nearest police office. The Lessee is obliged to assist the Lessor and / or his insurer with respect to all claims and legal disputes related to events under this item. In the event that the Lessee violates any of the foregoing provisions, he owes damages to the damages caused to the Car.

(a) The Lessor shall submit to the Lessee and any additional driver a cover “Third Party Liability Cover” by an insurance company in the event of death, non-material or material damage to third parties, whether passengers or not, of the Vehicle (the driver is not included) of the Bulgarian legislation in case they do not violate any of the terms of this contract.

(b) The Charterer, additional authorized drivers and all other Passengers of the Vehicle do not have insurance cover “Personal Accident Insurance. The Lessor is not responsible for such loss, disability, etc. during the rental or after the return of the Car to the Lessor.

The Lessee agrees that his personal data be stored in the computer system of the Lessor. The parties expressly agree that the Lessee is entitled to use such data when the Lessee in the rental of the Car declares untrue data or violates the terms of this contract, and the Lessor may submit such data to the state limited or other third parties as well as in the case that he suspects of committing a criminal or other crime.

(a) The car is always owned by Ramakar Ltd (the Lessor). This agreement is just a lease. The Lessee is not a Representative / Employee / Agent of the Lessor in any way and in any way. The tenant acknowledges that it does not acquire any rights other than those specified in this agreement;

(b) During the rental, all additional drivers are jointly and severally liable with the Lessee. Similarly, in the event that this agreement is signed by a representative of the Lessee, he will be jointly and severally liable with the Lessee;

(d) this Agreement replaces any prior written or oral agreement between the Lessor and the Lessee;

(e) The Lessor can not waive any of his rights under the law and this contract.

(f) Any amendment to the terms of this Agreement is not valid unless agreed in writing;

(g) The Renter agrees to accept that all of the above conditions are valid both in the original contract with the Lessor and in the case of an extension from the time of the rental and / or the replacement of the vehicle to another;

(h) In the event that there is a difference between the copies and the original of this Agreement, the original owned by the Lessor shall always prevail. The Contracting Parties acknowledge and accept that all the terms of this Agreement are material and essential for the purposes described in this document.

This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of the Lessor’s seat and any disputes that may arise from or in connection with it will be brought before the relevant competent court in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.